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Family & Medical Leave (Paid and Unpaid): It's Not Just a Federal Issue Anymore

  • September 20 at 10:00am PT
  • Bob Greene
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  • 60 minutes
  • Approved for 1.0 SHRM and HRCI credit until 10/31/2018

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A Little Info About What's to Come

Family & Medical Leave (Paid and Unpaid): It's Not Just a Federal Issue Anymore

Very few changes (at the federal level) have been made to the Family & Medical Leave Act of 1993 (P. L. 103-3) in the 25 years since its signature into law on February 5, 1993. Multiple attempts in subsequent Congresses to expand the law to require private employers to provide paid leave have failed. But that doesn't mean that the body of law surrounding FML has stood still -- not by any means! Executive Orders, tax laws and state actions are among the mechanisms used to adapt Family and Medical Leave regulations over the years. This session we will review those intricacies and explore the Human Capital Management technology needed to support them.

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What You Will Learn

  • Review the original FMLA law -- what it requires, and what it does not!
  • Executive Order 13706: are you compliant with PAID federal sick leave requirements?
  • TCJA 2017, Section 13403 - Tax Credits for Paid FMLA
  • Automating FMLA Compliance in the Compliance "Thicket"
  • State Law Liberalizations and Expansions of FMLA
  • How Ascentis can help

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About the Speaker

Bob Greene

Bob Greene currently serves as Channels Manager and Sales Trainer at Ascentis. Bob’s 38 years in the human capital management industry have been spent in practitioner, consultant and vendor/partner roles. As a practitioner, he managed payroll for a 5,000-person bank in New Jersey. As consultant, he spent 8 years advising customers in HRMS, and payroll and benefits system design as well as acquisition strategies. Bob also built a strategic HCM advisory practice for Xcelicor (now Deloitte Consulting.)

As vendor/partner, he has had prominent roles in sales support, marketing and product management at several companies and currently Ascentis. Bob recently re-joined the Editorial Board of IHRIM's Workforce Solutions Review journal, as Contributing Editor. His experience also includes two years as Adjunct Lecturer in HRIS at Benedictine University in Lisle, Illinois. In addition to his 38 years of experience, Bob also holds a BA in English from Rutgers University.

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Approved for 1.0 SHRM and HRCI credit until 10/31/2018
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