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Your Top 20 Most Common “People Challenges” & Two Swift Solutions

  • Thursday, October 18 at 10:00am PT
  • John Casey
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A Little Info About What's to Come

Your Top 20 Most Common “People Challenges” & Two Swift Solutions

The root cause of the top 20 “people challenges” businesses or organizations face can be traced to only a few sources. Once these root causes are identified and understood, leaders and managers can bring the correct solution to their team, so together, they can more easily deliver the results they are responsible for. Today, the most common management responses to these challenges simply deal with treating the symptom of the challenge, instead of crafting a solution to address and fix the cause. Without a solution that targets the root cause, challenges like lack of ownership, communication breakdowns, department siloes, resistance to change and lack of coaching will continue.

The key to quickly and permanently resolving the common “people challenges” organizations face starts with understanding the difference between managing people and leading them. A “Leadership Challenge” cannot be resolved with a “Management Solution”; but, it can be worsened. All leaders and managers need to understand their people challenges, the root causes and whether a “Leadership Solution”, “Management Solution” or combination of both needs to be implemented.

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What You Will Learn

  • The top 20 “people challenges” organizations face
  • How to identify the primary cause of each business obstacle; is it a Leadership Challenge, Management Challenge or both
  • The simple secret to time and priority execution; the tools that fixes most Management Challenges
  • How to develop a customized solution that addresses and removes the difficulty
  • How to interview for, onboard with and reinforce a culture of Motivational Intelligence to eliminate or minimize the Top 20 People Challenges
  • Overview two dozen leadership tools to alleviate people challenges

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About the Speaker

John Casey

John Casey has over 25 years of experience as a top executive, professional speaker, and career development leader. As EVP, director of corporate learning of 2Logical John helps lead training, consulting, and sales efforts. John has directed international training initiatives on six continents across the industry for executives, leaders, sales professionals and front-line contributors at scores of Fortune 500 companies. John graduated with honors from St. Lawrence University and the University of London with degrees in political science and economics.

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