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Not Seen but Not Forgotten: Shift to Remote Workers and the Virtual Organization

  • Thursday, November 29 at 10:00am PT
  • Nov Omana
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  • 60 minutes
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A Little Info About What's to Come

Not Seen but Not Forgotten: Shift to Remote Workers and the Virtual Organization

As the workforce continues to thrive with lower unemployment, along with the shift to contingent workers growing, companies are needing to widen their geographic areas of recruiting to find the right talent. As such, HR is recognizing that allowing work from home or a workspace not connected with a company site provides higher flexibility and appeal to the worker.

As simple as it sounds, there are many considerations for moving into this new virtual organization structure, including which jobs really can be done remotely and which must stay on the premises. Or what type of personality and behaviors makes for an optimum remote worker and what technology can support the remote worker to provide communication, collaboration, and consistency in the work output. Other considerations include if managing remote workers is different and how to measure the effectiveness of their work or if the tools necessary to do the job have to be provided, managed, and what policies need to be in place to insure security and IP protection.

We will explore these attributes and interactively assess the predominance of the virtual organization adoption in our audience through polls and a candid question/answer segment.

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What You Will Learn

  • What a “readiness” assessment may need to consider before moving to a virtual organization
  • Trends in Recruiting the remote worker
  • Tools used to connect and manage the remote workforce
  • Traits of a successful worker and manager
  • Considerations of “tools” to provide to make the worker most effective
  • What policies should be in place for the virtual organization

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About the Speaker

Nov Omana

Nov Omana has over 35 years in the HR Technology arena and is founder of Collective HR Solutions, Inc., which provides HR Technology, Human Resources programs, and Business consulting, using innovative technology. Nov assists companies in structuring their HR technology strategy and systems and is known for his thought leadership and understanding of combining and leveraging technology. He has a strong knowledge of the vendor community surrounding HR technology along with a reputation for “connecting the dots” between technologies to create new solutions and solve business problems.

Nov is a frequent keynote presenter, moderator, or contributor for HR associations’ presentations, conferences and webinars and is often sought by media for opinions on the industry in general and for insight on technology trends. He holds the positions of Chairman of the Technology Review Council, Board member on several HR related organizations, Business Partner of MapHR.com and Advisory member of DISRUPTHR – San Francisco.

Follow him on Twitter: #HRTECHXPRT

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